Project detail

The peaceful and luxurious exclusivity of the residence is a contrast to the vibrant city life on the outside.

Thonglor location

Situated in the true heart of the city on the main Sukhumvit road and placed Next to Thong Lo BTS Skytrain Station

Project Concept


The peaceful and luxurious exclusivity of the residence is a contrast to the vibrant city life on the outside. It’s an escape from the busy urban life into a place that offers respite for your soul, where you can truly be who you are.

ビートニック スクンビット 32 ( Beatniq Sukhumvit 32) は、タイの首都バンコクにある高級コンドミニアムです。スクンビット通り沿いに位置し、BTSトンロー駅とエムクォーティアショッピングモールから徒歩圏内にあります。

Beatniq Sukhumvit 32には、スタジオから3ベッドルームまで、さまざまなタイプのユニットがあります。すべてのユニットは、モダンでスタイリッシュな内装で、高品質の設備が備わっています。

Beatniq Sukhumvit 32には、プール、フィットネスセンター、サウナ、スチームルーム、ラウンジ、屋上庭園、駐車場などのさまざまな設備があります。

Beatniq Sukhumvit 32は、バンコクのビジネスとエンターテインメントの中心地に位置しています。さまざまなショップ、レストラン、バー、ナイトライフの場所が徒歩圏内にあります。また、公共交通機関で市内各地にアクセスできます。

Beatniq Sukhumvit 32は、バンコクの中心部で贅沢な生活を送りたい人にとって最適です。また、ユニットの価値が時間の経過とともに高まる可能性が高いため、投資家にも適しています。

全体として、Beatniq Sukhumvit 32は、バンコクの中心部で暮らすのに最適な、豪華で設備の整ったコンドミニアムです。

居住用の購入でも、投資のための購入でも、ビートニック スクンビット 32にご興味がございましたら、お気軽にお問い合わせください。 私たちのチームができるだけ早く返信させていただきます。

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Chewathai Residence Asoke project from Chewathai, located on Asoke-Din Daeng Road, Din Daeng Sub-district, Din Daeng District, near Rama 9 MRT Station and Airport Rail Link Station. Makkasan Distance of 450 meters, near to fertile sources including Central Rama 9, Fortune Tower, G Tower etc.

Chewathai Residence Asoke is a high-rise condo with 1 29-storey high-rise condominiums, 315 units + 1 unit of shops. The project area is 1-2-68 rai. There are only 1 bedroom loft, high ceiling. 3.60 meters, starting size 28 – 34.77 sq.m., fully furnished, ready to move in

Facility In the complete project such as Lobby, Pool and Pavillion beside the pool, Co-Working Lounge, Large Chilling Area Lounge, Fitness Equipment, Kids Stadium, Laundry Room, Sauna & Steam Room, Garden, BBQ Lounge, Sunset Lounge , Mail room, key card door, parking, accounting for 44% or about 140 cars, excluding double cars, CCTV and security guards 24 hours.

Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit project by MQDC is considered the first and first super-luxury residence in the Thai real estate industry. That has been developed and designed to meet the needs of families of various ages Based on the MQDC’s deep research that realizes that most Thai people want to be together as a large family. While everyone still needs their own space Have a need In different details.

Then, we design ‘Intergeneration Facility’, the design is about spending time together within the family. By every detail of the project, it has been designed and developed from the needs of every generation of members for a life with True Intergeneration Living.

Project “Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit” is a 37-storey high-rise condominium, 1 building, located on 2 and a half rai, with 287 units of residential units with 100% parking space. Project value of over 6,000 million baht comes with outstanding features in each area.

According to the key concepts of the project:

That is, “Design for the finest intergeneration living. Condo designed for every generation” starting from the central area (Mulberry Intergeneration Facility), which is allocated a large area divided into a central area of ​​up to 1.9 rai and almost green. 1 Rai, which has a lot compared to the number of units and the number of residents.

The room has been designed with details for all ages, including Nook multi-purpose space, a multipurpose space designed for private space. Can be used as needed, such as a children’s reading corner, a mother’s tea-table Or a garden corner for Grandpa

Wide frontage design: Every room has a wide glass window that can see the full view, Living Room, living room and dining room connected. Is an area where everyone can gather and do various activities, with enough space for everyone in the family

A Spacious master bedroom: A bedroom designed to be spacious. The area around the bed can push wheelchairs for the elderly and has enough space for an extra bed.

Enclosed design kitchen, large closed kitchen And there are 2 ventilation systems that can eliminate odors from disturbing other areas, complete with quality kitchen equipment

At the same time, each bedroom is designed to have an ERV system that can measure the air in the room. By measuring carbon dioxide in the air And automatically bring oxygen into the room to provide fresh air for everyone in the family


  • Caregiver Service: Care for the elderly in health Or when there are various emergencies
  • Wellness Manager Supervisor and health care consulting
  • Concierge Service provides various assistance
  • 30 Year Warranty: The 30-year warranty covers 4 main components such as devices, structures, doors, windows, sanitation systems, and electrical systems.

Located on the junction of the city center on Sukhumvit Meet every aspect of life
Whether traveling conveniently near the Bangchak BTS station or the famous Street Food of Bangchak area here … then becomes another landmark. That will help brighten up this area And awaken every life in the city To move unlimitedly

Lifestyle and design
The Interactive Condominium
The housing that responds to the lifestyles of urban life that is dynamic. The IDEO New Series is designed on the basis of the ‘Lifestyle Construction’ concept, which considers practical usage. That every square inch meets all needs With recharging of energy and inspiration for you in every dimension Both work, life and relaxation are perfect.

Easy Accessibility & Connection Point
• Only 15 meters * from the Bang Chak BTS station
• adjacent to Sukhumvit Road in two directions Inbound Ekkamai-Asoke-Ploenchit And departing to Bang Na And connect to Sukhumvit 77 Road (Onnut) and Srinakarin Road
• Just 1 kilometer from the Sukhumvit 62 expressway entrance to 2 Chalerm Mahanakorn expressway and Raminthra-Atnarong expressway
• 2 stations to the Monorail Line ** which are directly connected to the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Project Concept

With a location that has such heavy traffic, it is fortunate the project is so close to the BTS to provide a fast and efficient mode of transportation, with which your easy conveyance to other parts of Bangkok and the surrounding areas is assured. This is in line with how the urban way of life has developed and the designers of the project have been motivated by this ecosystem of connectivity, whilst still keeping safety, attractiveness and the daily routine of consumers at the forefront.

The designers of the project have therefore communicated the identity and context of their inspiration keeping in mind teenagers and working people that have great mobility, and who desire comfort, convenience and ease of travel. Another factor influencing the design is to have a suitable space that is striking and pleasant, with fresh green areas for relaxation. The designers have therefore selected materials that communicate the ambience clearly to create interest, beauty and usefulness for the end-user. For instance, there is a green area for playing sports or to relax in and a seating area for mingling in the centre of the garden and pond.

The textures of materials were selected during the design process to communicate regional landscapes that depict rail travel as the ultimate rapid transportation method, which can take you to multitude locations with varying scenery, perfectly complimenting the project’s location as it is so reliant on the train for travel purposes and resident’s desires for mobility and convenience. This will help improve the variety of uses in each area.

Design Elements

Stimulating areas have been created such as a walking or jogging lane for exercise, a yoga area, meeting space or reading and homework corner, as well as a fitness centre, 40-metre long swimming pool and an area for celebrations or entertainment


The designers have selected species of plants that are most suitable for the project to enhance the good quality of life. Plants have been chosen to create an ambience in each zone replicating the nature of different regions such as a riverside zone, an area representing an open plain, a high plains area and a mountainous forest zone, for instance.

Sky Line “Lines to connect the vicinity”

With the project situated so close to the BTS, Chatuchak Market and Public Park, the designers view the importance of connectivity (Linkage) with the vicinity as paramount in fostering a good quality of life, creating a route linking various points in the above-mentioned important locations and an atmosphere that is pleasant to look at and safe.


THE LINE Jatujak – Mochit

The latest condominium in the heart of the city

Open up your viewpoint 360 degrees across the greenery of Suan Wachira Benchathat Park
Amidst the soothing nature that ensures true relaxation
Located in the vicinity of BTS Morchit Station and MRT Chatuchak Station
Live life in the fast lane at its fullest with the ultimate convenience

Amidst the soothing nature that ensures true relaxation
Located in the vicinity of BTS Morchit Station and MRT Chatuchak Station
Live life in the fast lane at its fullest with the ultimate convenience

Merging with the lines of the railway to form the happiness of living
Complimented by balconies that overlook an expansive green park
And floor-to-ceiling windows that expand your perspective
To bring you even closer to nature

Communal Areas in various parts of the project
Continually give you the opportunity to embrace the landscape
From the 41st Floor horizon view with the ultimate solitude of privacy
To the 7th Floor water feature that is perfect for casual relaxation
And the lines of the railway that promote good health with a refreshing jogging track
Opening up your perspective to a multitude of dimensions

An outstanding character that communicates liveliness
With urban living and nature
To inspire endless imagination

Design your own way of life with swift accessibility and environment amenities of the project

THE LINE: Location is Everything

The Zea Sriracha, a 39-storey High Rise condo, located at the highest seafront in Sriracha. In the midst of nature, The front of the building faces the sea. Embrace the back of the mountain range. This is auspicious for the residents According to feng shui science Full of happiness With panoramic views and ceilings up to 2.75 meters in every unit.



Magnolias Waterfront Residences ICONSIAM luxury Bangkok condominium is located on Charoen Nakhon Road on the banks of the Chao Phraya river on the Thonburi side.

A 70 floor building with a total of 379 units made up of 1,2, 3 and 4 bedroom residences.

Not only is Magnolias Waterfront Residences in one of the most desirable locations in Bangkok the residences afford spectacularly diverse city and river views from all residences.

City views highlight the increasingly impressive Bangkok skyline while river views showcase the culture and heritage of generations of local river life.



“ Why fit in When you were born to stand out? ” – Dr. Seuss

Why be normal when all you can be is exceptional?
Be different. Be impractical.
Extraordinary is now a new agenda.
It’s time to raise the bar. Challenge the rules.
With attitude so intriguing, no one can ignore you.
The idea so daring, no one will forget you.
The belief so unique, everyone mesmerized by you.
The world is made up of extraordinary people like you.
The thought-provoker. The game-changer. The rebel. The bold.The one who usually takes surprising routes and overcome the norms.And, by doing that, influences the world.
Born to stand out…
Born in a way of thinking that is both intriguing and inspiring. By selecting the path no others dare to, IMPRESSION will challenge the norms and elevate the new height of living standard with aesthetic concept that strive for impeccable living experience, offering a compliment of unconventional perspectives that form another aspect of the word “modern luxury.”


“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand out.” Raising the standard of design to the most outstanding icon has given rise to the project’s ambitious architectural vision. IMPRESSION strives to redefine the urban skyline of Ekkamai-Thonglor with its exceptionally striking futuristic design that standouts at first glance.

Distinct from others. Challenge all the norms. Lofty and dignified. A new landmark that will keep all sights set sky-high. A visionary interpretation of urban attitudes and ultimate lifestyles is conceived to elevate the new meaning living standard and mesmerize your heart in its every beat.


Pure serenity is captured with the Urban Forest Courtyard, a 2-Rai surreal natural-inspired landscape design. Nestled inside the secret garden is a serene pavilion whose glass walls display of the ever-changing sky view throughout the day.

Sunken areas are added to welcome you to your natural living room where you can choose to relax privately or spend time with your

company for an impressive moment.


Destined to deliver an iconic living with a twist. IMPRESSION takes on an extraordinary design concept inviting genuine coziness into a sophisticated lifestyle. Believe that delightful experience is as much about the calm, comfort feelings as luxurious surroundings, the sumptuous space as the impressive forms, the exquisite natural materials as the supreme advanced technologies.

IMPRESSION projects a presence that signals the revolutionary perfection within rewarding its owners with a duality of modern vibes and sublime comfort. A one-of-a-kind living experience you can indulge in everyday of the year.


Gracing the skyline of Ekkamai-Thonglor, IMPRESSION is centrally located at the heart of everything, allowing residents to make the most of the city living.

Walk to the multitude of nearby conveniences for exceptional activities to do and places to discover from – restaurants, cafes and bars, to shopping malls and parks. Commute comfortably from home to the workplace via car or the nearby BTS & MRT.

The convenience access expressways allow you to explore other parts of Bangkok with ease.

LIV @49 from Lucky Living is located in Soi Sukhumvit 49, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan, Phra Khanong, Bangkok, near to Thong Lo BTS, Planetarium, Market Place Thong Lor, J Avenue, Rain Hill, Park Lane Ekkamai, Bangkok International Hospital. Prep, Ekamai International Hospital, Bangkok Hospital, Sukhumvit Hospital, Theptarin Hospital and Kluaynamthai Hospital

Liv @ 49  is a low rise condo, 8 floors, 2 buildings, project area of ​​1-3-73 rai, 209 residential units with 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, Duplex size. Beginning 37.00-119.00 sq.m. Completed and ready for 2016

Full facilities within the project such as reception hall, mail room, swimming pool, fitness, sauna, leisure park, passenger lift, key card door, 60% parking, CCTV and 24 hours security.



HYDE SUKHUMVIT is a unique 40 storey mixed-use luxury residential development coupled with a 21 storey Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit, and lifestyle retail complex to give a unique quality of life for residents looking to explore new options in city living. With a prestigious hotel occupying a matching tower adjacent to that of the residences, and a retail centre making up the connecting platform between the two, residents have all choices for living, dining, shopping and entertaining literally right on their doorsteps.


Hyde’s unique ‘HIS & HER’ towers rise serenely amidst the chaos of city life and the concrete jungle. The structures combine for the first time renewed soul and emerging The structures combine, for the first time, renewed soul and emerging creativity so that you may imagine the ‘HIS’ tower as an undeniably seductive guy who looks good even when wearing jeans. At first glance the tower may capture the essence of oriental charisma At first glance, the tower may capture the essence of oriental charisma like a Mandarin collared shirt with unique Chinese-style buttons.


  • Winner Thailand Property Awards 2012
    • – Best Affordable condo Development
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards 2013-2014
    • – Best Residential High Rise Development
    • – Highly Commended High Rise Architecture Thailand
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards 2015-2016
    • – Best Interior Design Private Residence Thailand

Luxurious condo in the heart of the city, 400 meters to Nana BTS station




The condos at Millennium Residence in Bangkok are designed to transport you into an environment made for leisure. Space and architectural designs for a perfect experience.


Millennium Residence in Bangkok is located on a whopping 12 Rais of land, spanning Sukhumvit soi’s 16, 18 and 20. And with only 5 mins walking distance to the main transport and communications artery, Asoke, getting around is extremely easy. The Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) and The Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) on Asoke takes you wherever you need to go.


Millennium Residence in Bangkok boasts world class facilities such as a gigantic swimming pool with kids pool, sauna, tennis court, meeting rooms, library and a playground for the kids to just name a few. Vast green areas and gardens are available throughout the compound. Luxury living at its very best. Peace and tranquility Millennium Residence in Bangkok style.


Millennium Residence in Bangkok has among the best dedicated website among Bangkoks many luxury buildings. One helpful feature is a forum we have created where real-estate agents, and everyone else, can post available Millennium Residence condos for rent or for sale. We can also list your condo on this website for rent or for sale with its own webpage. How great isn’t that?


The featured one bedroom rental condo boasts an ultra high-end luxury in every detail. From the imported kitchen knives to the wireless media center and the panoramic view over the urban Bangkok skyline. The fiber optic high-speed Internet and the multiple big screen LED TV`s, together with the two LCD TV`s in the bathroom, ensures luxury and comfortable living rarely seen in central Bangkok.


When you stay at Millennium Residence in Bangkok, you are always within a close walking distance to several well known major entertainment areas such as Soi Cowboy, Soi 22, Soi 24, Soi 31, Soi 33, with their huge selection of restaurants, bars, pubs, Spa & Massages and major renowned shopping malls of all kinds. Trust us, you cant get bored when staying at Millennium Residence.


Millennium Residence in Bangkok are close to major shopping malls. Emporium, Terminal 21, the ultra-modern EmQuartier, renowned hotels with various amount of stars, popular nightclubs, the Exchange Tower, modern 2D/3D cinema theatres and basically any kind of entertainment venue imaginable being just around the corner. How cool isn’t that on a scale from 1 to 10?

The Paradise on Earth in the heart of the city on an area of ​​over 9 rai on Sukhumvit Road. Architecture that is inspired by the lifestyle of city life. Designed with luxury in mind and functionality. Perfect fit with the building structure designed to have a concave Admire the beautiful landscape From every perspective of the building

A special place where you can relax by being close to nature, experiencing the breeze, watching the stars in the beautiful garden. Socialize with the light in the private L’amour Party Room or enter the Pool View Fitness Center in a glass-play room 50 cm below the swimming pool and then bake the skin to shine in the sauna room.