Properties and land tax services are the services which we intentionally provide in order to facilitate our customers who are inconvenient to proceed the tax payment by themselves at the office of Department of Lands. Due to a long time-consuming procedure and a number of its daily clients,  it is better to hand over tax payment to us to take care of.

Service Procedure

  1. Fill up all relevant information and details of the properties for which customers need to pay taxes.
  2. Wait for detail and service confirmations from our staff.
  3. After receiving tax evaluation from the Lands officers, our staff will inform customers about the total service fee and payment.
  4. Our staff proceeds properties and land tax payment and informs the customers with receipts.

Service fee

Operating fee1,070 THB/ unit
Tax*dependent on unit area (sq.m.)
Total service fee(1,070 THB x number of unit) + tax



  • Tax rate is dependent upon unit area and the tax criteria of any offices of Department of Lands.
  • This service fee includes VAT 7%.

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