Interior design and operation services from our professional craftsmen of noble taste. As soon as you raise the need for our services, we will shortly contact and arrange an appointment to survey and evaluate the sites and floor plans right before the initial design:

  1. Design and operation teams visit the site to check its floor plan and make evaluation.
  2. The design team forms an initial interior design with the period of 3-7 days, dependent upon the decoration details and needs of the customers.
  3. The design adjustment can be made once without any expense, but additional adjustments will be charged in accordance with such details.
  4. As soon as the design is confirmed, a bilateral contract of interior work shall be reached with 50% deposit of the full service fee.
  5. The operation team proceed the decoration work with the operation period of 1-2 months.
  6. When the decoration is all finished and approved by the customers, the payment of remaining 50% of the full service fee must be completed.

Apply for services

  1. fill up all relevant information and details of the properties to which you need our services to apply.
  2. wait for services confirmation and contact from our staff.
  3. arrange an appointment of site survey.

Interior Service Packages

Luxury275,000 THB
Legacy407,000 THB


  • The package prices above cover interior design, decoration operation, and standard decoration materials according to individual packages. There may be extra charges if additional materials are applied and/or the design is adjusted.
  • All package prices include 7% VAT

Package samples









It is our pleasure to provide you with convenience towards propertiesand land tax payment which has a lot of time-consuming processand documents when it comes to do it at the office of the Department of Lands.


We would like to help assure that you will own an asset with good quality, proper safety,and high standard, and you will never have to face annoying problems with it in the future.With our high-experienced team of inspection, we have served countless numberof satisfied Thai and foreign customers.