“ Why fit in When you were born to stand out? ” – Dr. Seuss

Why be normal when all you can be is exceptional?
Be different. Be impractical.
Extraordinary is now a new agenda.
It’s time to raise the bar. Challenge the rules.
With attitude so intriguing, no one can ignore you.
The idea so daring, no one will forget you.
The belief so unique, everyone mesmerized by you.
The world is made up of extraordinary people like you.
The thought-provoker. The game-changer. The rebel. The bold.The one who usually takes surprising routes and overcome the norms.And, by doing that, influences the world.
Born to stand out…
Born in a way of thinking that is both intriguing and inspiring. By selecting the path no others dare to, IMPRESSION will challenge the norms and elevate the new height of living standard with aesthetic concept that strive for impeccable living experience, offering a compliment of unconventional perspectives that form another aspect of the word “modern luxury.”


“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand out.” Raising the standard of design to the most outstanding icon has given rise to the project’s ambitious architectural vision. IMPRESSION strives to redefine the urban skyline of Ekkamai-Thonglor with its exceptionally striking futuristic design that standouts at first glance.

Distinct from others. Challenge all the norms. Lofty and dignified. A new landmark that will keep all sights set sky-high. A visionary interpretation of urban attitudes and ultimate lifestyles is conceived to elevate the new meaning living standard and mesmerize your heart in its every beat.


Pure serenity is captured with the Urban Forest Courtyard, a 2-Rai surreal natural-inspired landscape design. Nestled inside the secret garden is a serene pavilion whose glass walls display of the ever-changing sky view throughout the day.

Sunken areas are added to welcome you to your natural living room where you can choose to relax privately or spend time with your

company for an impressive moment.


Destined to deliver an iconic living with a twist. IMPRESSION takes on an extraordinary design concept inviting genuine coziness into a sophisticated lifestyle. Believe that delightful experience is as much about the calm, comfort feelings as luxurious surroundings, the sumptuous space as the impressive forms, the exquisite natural materials as the supreme advanced technologies.

IMPRESSION projects a presence that signals the revolutionary perfection within rewarding its owners with a duality of modern vibes and sublime comfort. A one-of-a-kind living experience you can indulge in everyday of the year.


Gracing the skyline of Ekkamai-Thonglor, IMPRESSION is centrally located at the heart of everything, allowing residents to make the most of the city living.

Walk to the multitude of nearby conveniences for exceptional activities to do and places to discover from – restaurants, cafes and bars, to shopping malls and parks. Commute comfortably from home to the workplace via car or the nearby BTS & MRT.

The convenience access expressways allow you to explore other parts of Bangkok with ease.

The Developer
All Inspire
Total area
2-3-3.9 Rai
Building Amount
Total Floor
Tower A - 25 Fl.
Tower B - 43 Fl.
Tower C - 9 Fl. + 7 Basement Fl.
Total Unit
Room Type
1 Bedroom
34.49 Sq.m.
1 Bedroom Plus
35.90 – 41.77 Sq.m.
2 Bedrooms
66 – 76.5 Sq.m.
2 Bedrooms Plus
76 – 83 Sq.m.
3 Bedrooms
98 Sq.m.
2 Bedrooms Duplex
84.5 – 100.5 Sq.m.
3 Bedrooms Duplex
134 – 139 Sq.m.
165 – 183 Sq.m.
Parking Space
Presales Date
Completed date
Start price
THB 48,000,000
Average price/sq.m.
THB 150,000
Common Fee
THB 75 / Sq.m.
(E7) Ekkamai
Ekkamai / Sukhumvit


  • CCTV
  • Fitness
  • Garden
  • Kids Room
  • Lobby
  • Security Guard
  • Shopping Mall
  • Simulator Room
  • Sky Garden
  • Spa-Sauna
  • Swimming Pool
  • Yoga Room