The Noble AQUA Riverfront Ratburana is a luxurious residential project developed by Noble Development, located in the Rat Burana district of Bangkok, Thailand. This project is uniquely situated along the Chao Phraya River, offering residents an exclusive and serene living experience


Situated in Rat Burana, the project benefits from its peaceful riverside setting while still being within reach of central Bangkok. This location offers a blend of tranquility and accessibility to the city’s various amenities.

Design and Architecture
Noble AQUA Riverfront Ratburana is known for its modern and elegant design. The architecture takes full advantage of its riverfront location, with many units offering stunning views of the Chao Phraya River. The design emphasizes luxury and comfort, with spacious layouts and high-quality finishes.

Residential Units

The project comprises a limited number of exclusive units, ensuring privacy and exclusivity. The units vary in size and layout, catering to different preferences and needs. They range from moderately sized to large, luxurious homes, with some units featuring private gardens and outdoor spaces.

Noble AQUA Riverfront Ratburana offers a range of high-end amenities. These typically include a clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pool, garden areas, and other recreational facilities. The project also provides security and maintenance services to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment.

Connectivity and Accessibility
While the project offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is also conveniently located for easy access to various parts of Bangkok. It’s connected via major roads and is relatively close to business districts, shopping centers, schools, and hospitals.

Target Audience
This project is tailored for those who seek luxury living in a serene environment. It appeals to affluent individuals and families who desire spacious living quarters with modern amenities and a connection to nature, especially the riverfront.

Future Developments
Given the ongoing development in Bangkok, areas like Rat Burana are expected to see further infrastructural and community developments, potentially enhancing the value and appeal of projects like Noble AQUA Riverfront Ratburana.

Noble AQUA Riverfront Ratburana indeed distinguishes itself as a premier residential project, offering an exceptional blend of luxury, comfort, and a distinctive riverside living experience in Bangkok. Its strategic location along the Chao Phraya River adds to its allure, providing residents with serene river views and a tranquil environment while still maintaining easy access to the city’s vibrant lifestyle and amenities. This project caters to those who desire a high-quality living space that harmoniously combines modern architectural design with the natural beauty of the riverside setting, making it a highly sought-after destination for luxurious living in Bangkok.

Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit project by MQDC is considered the first and first super-luxury residence in the Thai real estate industry. That has been developed and designed to meet the needs of families of various ages Based on the MQDC’s deep research that realizes that most Thai people want to be together as a large family. While everyone still needs their own space Have a need In different details.

Then, we design ‘Intergeneration Facility’, the design is about spending time together within the family. By every detail of the project, it has been designed and developed from the needs of every generation of members for a life with True Intergeneration Living.

Project “Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit” is a 37-storey high-rise condominium, 1 building, located on 2 and a half rai, with 287 units of residential units with 100% parking space. Project value of over 6,000 million baht comes with outstanding features in each area.

According to the key concepts of the project:

That is, “Design for the finest intergeneration living. Condo designed for every generation” starting from the central area (Mulberry Intergeneration Facility), which is allocated a large area divided into a central area of ​​up to 1.9 rai and almost green. 1 Rai, which has a lot compared to the number of units and the number of residents.

The room has been designed with details for all ages, including Nook multi-purpose space, a multipurpose space designed for private space. Can be used as needed, such as a children’s reading corner, a mother’s tea-table Or a garden corner for Grandpa

Wide frontage design: Every room has a wide glass window that can see the full view, Living Room, living room and dining room connected. Is an area where everyone can gather and do various activities, with enough space for everyone in the family

A Spacious master bedroom: A bedroom designed to be spacious. The area around the bed can push wheelchairs for the elderly and has enough space for an extra bed.

Enclosed design kitchen, large closed kitchen And there are 2 ventilation systems that can eliminate odors from disturbing other areas, complete with quality kitchen equipment

At the same time, each bedroom is designed to have an ERV system that can measure the air in the room. By measuring carbon dioxide in the air And automatically bring oxygen into the room to provide fresh air for everyone in the family


  • Caregiver Service: Care for the elderly in health Or when there are various emergencies
  • Wellness Manager Supervisor and health care consulting
  • Concierge Service provides various assistance
  • 30 Year Warranty: The 30-year warranty covers 4 main components such as devices, structures, doors, windows, sanitation systems, and electrical systems.